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Course Instructor :

STEM Robotics International

Hours :

Weekdays -  1.5 hours/ day (16 days)  Weekends 1.5 hours/day (16 days- 2 months)

Launching Soon!

Pre-requisites :

  • Age 8+ ,
  • Laptop / Internet 
  • No prior knowledge needed

Fee : ₹ 4500



Introduction to C Programming: C is a powerful general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop software like operating systems, databases, applications compilers, etc. C programming is an excellent language and can be learnt by the be

What will you learn ?

Module 1

C Basics, Input Output operations in C

Module 2

data types, Modifiers, storage class

Module 3

C conditional statement - if, if -else , switch case statements 

Module 4

Pre increment / post increment Loops in C - for , while , do while 

Module 5

Array - 2 dimensional , multi-dimensional arrays

Module 6

Functions - Defining a function - return type, function name,  parameter passing, function body, return

Module 7

Strings: Using Character array, using string literal, get string  input from user, gets and puts, 

Module 8

Pointers - Arithmetic operations, Function pointers, Array of function pointers

Module 9

Define structure, Accessing structure members, Structure as function Arguments, Pointers to structures 

Module 10

Unions - about user defined data type and examples

Learning Objectives

  • Develop strong foundational C coding skills
  • Enhance critical thinking capabilities and logical learning methodologies using C
  • Learn C compilation process and all the basic modules needed to write C logics