Mastering Digital Marketing for Business Growth

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Course Details

Course Instructor :

Krishna Kumar

CEO of GreenPepper Digital

GreenPepper | Better Hiring. Now Easier.

Hours :

  • 1 day workshop
  • Weekend/Week day Batches
  • Enrol for Next Batch: October (Dates to be announced soon)

Pre-requisites :

  • Entrepreneurs, Startups, Digital Marketers
  • Students and professionals interested in digital marketing
  • Basic Understanding of Internet and Social Media

Fee : ₹ 1199



This certificate course will help you master the essential digital marketing techniques that can be used by startups,entrepreneurs and corporate to grow their business.

What will you learn ?

How to use WEBSITE which can help you generate leads and build a brand

Learning to DESIGN social media creatives without learning Adobe Photoshop
GROWTH HACKS in social media marketing using Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Google+, and YouTube - proven techniques and top secrets.
Learning SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING through paid media campaigns and reducing cost per lead
How to do VIDEO marketing - producing, publishing, and promoting videos for your business - get 10x ROI using videos.
How to use SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION for getting relevant traffic to your website and converting them
How to develop super CONTENT for inbound lead generation and branding of your business
How to use EMAIL marketing to generate leads
How to MEASURE digital performance with ANALYTICS


Learning Objectives

To equip you with an understanding of digital marketing concepts and techniques that digital marketers, business owners can try to grow their business.