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Course Instructor :

STEM Robotics International

Hours :

Weekdays Batch - 2 hours/day (30 days) or Weekend Batch - 2 hours/day (30 days).

Launching Soon!

Pre-requisites :

  • Laptop / Internet /
  • Basic Python Knowledge

Fee : ₹ 24000



Robot Framework is a generic open source automation framework. It can be used for test automation and robotic process automation (RPA). It will give a thorough introduction to the Robot Framework natural language syntax.

What will you learn ?

Module 1 Introduction to Robot Framework
Modile 2 Installation Procedures
Module 3 Features of Robot Framework
Module 4 Overall Test Data Syntax
Module 5 Test Templates
Module 6 Application in RPA
Module 7 Hierarchial Test Suite Structure
Module 8 Test Libraries
Module 9 Variables in Robot Framework
Module 10 User Keywords
Module 11 Syntax for Resource and Variable Files
Module 12 Advanced Features
Module 13 Test Execution Basics
Module 14 Test Execution Flow and Control
Module 15 Test Vs Task Execution
Module 16 Post-processing Output
Module 17 Test Case and Output Execution
Module 18 Output Processing and Control
Module 19 Creating Test Libraries
Module 20 Library Documentation Tool
Module 21 Test Data Documentation Tool
Module 22 Test Data Cleanup Tool
Module 23 Available Settings in Test Data
Module 24 Command Line Options
Module 25 Documentation Formatting
Module 26 Time Format
Module 27 Boolean Arguments


Learning Objectives

  • Test libraries: built-in and already existing external ones
  • Exploring the Robot Framework Libraries
  • How to divide test suites and resources
  • How to debug test case failures in Robot Framework
  • Selenium element locator techniques
  • Advanced Data Management
  • Workflow and Data-Driven Tests
  • Robot Framework – Jenkins & Git
  • Robot Framework – Mobile