Social Engineering - Phishing and OSINT

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Course Instructor :

Epic Knowledge Society

Hours :

Weekdays - 1 hours/day ( 4 days) and Weekends - 2 hours/day ( 1 Day). Total: 6 hours

Launching Soon!

Pre-requisites :

Basic understanding of computing

Fee : ₹ 4000



Fraudsters mainly attack vulnerability of humans during their Hacking lifecycle. People are the weakest element in Cybersecurity. And this course will help attendees to get some insights on social engineering norms and phishing

What will you learn ?

Module 1 Introduction to Social Engineering
Module 2 Social Engineering Terminologies
Module 3 Toolkit Demo
Module 4 Open Source Intelligence - OSINT
Module 5 Phishing, Vishing and Smishing


Learning Objectives

  • What is Social Engineering
  • What are the key Social Engineering Terminologies
  • How the OSINT works - Real Demo
  • Phishing - Vishing and Smishing Practicals.
  • Importance of Cyber Awareness and Securing Humans