Blockchain Technology Essentials

By EPIC Knowledge Society

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Course Details

Hours : 1 hour on weekdays for 5 days 1 hour on weekends for 2 days Total: 7 hours

Pre-requisites :

  • Basic knowledge of internet and web 
  • Basic knowledge of computer networks
  • Basic knowledge of computer security

Fee : ₹ 3500



Blockchain Technology has become the key enabler of secure and scalable supply chains and value chains. This course covers the essential concepts of blockchain technology that helps you to understand the use cases and applications for important indus

What will you learn ?

Module 1 : History 

Bitcoin, DigiCash, HashCash 

Module 2: Security

Cryptography, Digital Signatures

Module 3: Storage

Data Model, Data Structure

Learning Objectives

  • Origins of Blockchain
  • Why do you need Blockchain
  • How secure is Blockchain
  • How to store data in Blockchain
  • How to use Blockchain for business
  • How to build a Blockchain App