Corporate Story Telling

A business with a remarkable story can win over i…

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Course Details

Course Instructor :

Sherin Mathews, an International Storyteller

19 years of professional experience


Hours :

Total of 6 hours

Launching Soon

Pre-requisites :

Anyone who is willing to learn and unlearn

Fee : ₹ 1200



If you want to influence where we are heading then you need to understand how stories work and how to tell them. This course provides you with the right ingredients to contribute to the changing story of our times.

What will you learn ?

How to narrate a powerful story?
Body language and expressions
Voice strengthening 
Elements and structure of story
Narrative leadership
Science of story telling
How to create communicative spaces?
How to hold audience attention?
How relevant is story telling during Covid times?


Learning Objectives

  • How to create communicative spaces
  • How to hold audience attention
  • How to build your own or a company's brand and image through storytelling