Design Thinking: UI/UX Concepts

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Course Details

Course Instructor :

Epic Knowledge Society

Hours :

3 hours/day (7 days) Total: 21 hours

Launching Soon!

Pre-requisites :

  • Basic web design understanding

Fee : ₹ 2500



The UI and UX design helps to win the customer’s confidence and make them use your application or website more. UI and UX are two inseparable sides of a single coin. UI gives desired functionality and UX fulfill the user’s needs. In designing, we ne

What will you learn ?

Module 1: Design Thinking What is design thinking, stages of design thinking
Module 2: UI and UX Concepts Introduction and key differences between UI and UX
Module 3: UI and UX Designs Design process, software tools, wireframes, prototypes


Learning Objectives

  • Know fundamentals of design thinking
  • Understand difference between UI and UX designs
  • Explore good UI/UX design process