Diploma in International Financial Reporting Standards

Vidyarupa School of Management Studies

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Course Instructor :

Vidyarupa School of Management Studies

Hours :

2 hours/day (7 days a week)

Launching Soon!

Pre-requisites :

  • Advanced diploma/degree/post graduate degree holders with relevant years of professional experience can attend this
  • Should have a good computer system with reliable internet connection

Fee : ₹ 20000



International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are accounting standards and principles set by the International Accounting Standard Board (IASB); and has emerged asĀ global standards forĀ financial reporting. With more than 120 countries following

What will you learn ?

IASB and Regulatory Framework
IFRS Adoption, Global and Regional Scenario
Accounting of tangible/intangible financial assets
Financial performance reporting
Revenue recognition, provisions, contingencies
Accounting for leases and taxation
Cash flow statements and segment reporting
Consolidated statements of financial position
e-assessment, assignments and examination


Learning Objectives

  • To enhance the understanding of the regulatory framework and the ISAB
  • To understand the conceptual framework for financial reporting
  • To deepen understanding of accounting for leases and taxation within a structured framework
  • To impart the knowledge needed for accounting for associate and joint ventures