Python Programming Certification Course

By Pragmatix Learning EduTech Private Limited

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Course Details

Hours : Weekdays – 2 hours/day (9 days), Weekends – 3 hours/day (4 Days), Total – 30 hours

Pre-requisites :

  • Basic understanding of Computer Programming terminologies is sufficient
  • No other specific prerequisites are there

Fee : ₹ 2000



This Course will help you master important Python concepts such as data types, data structures, operations, functions and so on. The course offers hands-on with a lot of practice exercises and a mini project at the end. It is also industry-aligned an

What will you learn ?

Module 1 : Basics of Python  - Introduction to Python and its concepts
Module 2 : Flow control - Implement the basic logics in Python
Module 3 : Python Data Structures - Familiarizing Python data structures and functions
Module 4 : Python Functions  - Writing Python functions and introduction to modular programming
Module 5 : Applications - Near live/ Real-time Python applications







Learning Objectives

  • Setup Python environment, write Python scripts and test code
  • Programmatically approach a problem statement
  • Develop suitable solutions by applying Python concepts
  • Implement data structure algorithms for complex problems
  • Develop core python programs and crack recruitment coding tests